By Edith Hamilton Moore
To my Mother, Bettie Dixon Hamilton (1853-1942)

God gave you talents which you used most wisely.
A badge of courage, which you wore with pride.
A shield of honor, which you never tarnished.
A star of hope, which was your constant guide.
God gave you faith, in which you never faltered.
Though steep your path, and thorny all the way.
God gave you love.
God gave you all your children.
And gave them strength to wage life’s fight each day.

God gave you peace; you had, here, many heartaches.
God gave you light; your life was dark and grey.
God gave you rest; you had, here, many burdens,
And were so tired when you went away.
God gave you beauty; you, who loved the lovely,
Endured, while here, life’s mediocrity.
God gave you the golden crown you earned here,
And heaven’s joys through all eternity.

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